Work organisation

The experience of the first EleTher JIP has led us to construct the program around four work packages:

This work package aims at investigating the existing data and evaluate tools for validating their consistency. Following types of data are under investigation:

  • Phase equilibrium equilibrium
  • Osmometry
  • Potentiometry (mean ionic acvtivity coefficients)
  • Conductimetry
  • Spectroscopy

Case studies have been defined on which a number of commercial models are evaluated. Here are some models of interest:



All collaborators who have worked with electrolytes recognize that parameter regression is an essential, yet extremely difficult issue. It entails:

- Constructing an objective function based on existing data, preferentially data of different origin.

- Selecting the adequate parameters (less parameters than datapoints). Often a large number of such parameters exist.

- Evaluating the sensitivity of the objective function to the parameters


In the previous edition of EleTher, the work has pointed to the correlations that exist among parameters, as illustrated below. The newly available LAGUN platform will be tested to this end


The aim of the EleTher JIP is to encourage collaborative actions on the subject of Electrolyte Thermodynamics. Hence, we plan to publish in scientific journals, be present in conferences, and allow for academic collaborations.


This web platform contributes to that goal.