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Help about first connexion


When you login for the first time, the application force you to edit your profile, you must :

  1. Enter your actual login received by email in 'Current password' field.
  2. Enter your brand new password
  3. You must enter it (new one) twice to prevent typing mistake since the filed's characters are hidden.
  4. Save your profile by clicking on 'Save' button.

Then reload the page (type F5) or go to :

https://extranet.ifpen.fr/Extranet/jcms/j_6/fr/accueil (you should still be logged in).


Non IFP Group members

Your account will be desactivated after 365 days without connecting then deleted 180 days after that. You will get 2 warning emails 30 then 15 days prior to deactivation. In order to avoid it, just login once in this platform. That will reset the desactivation counter.

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