Prisme Extranet Charter 



The purpose of the Charter is to set forth the principles that ensure proper use by each authorised User of the IT resources made available to him/her by IFPEN for the purpose of administering projects and/or communities.


The purpose of this Charter is to ensure all Users act responsibly when using the resources put in place by IFPEN and, in particular, to prevent all wrongful, negligent or fraudulent use of the aforementioned IT resources.


A “User” is defined as any person who is designated in the Prisme Extranet application and who holds a login and password provided exclusively by IFPEN.




Each User shall ensure that all exchanges carried out using the Prisme Extranet within the workspace of the project and/or community of which he/she is a member has a direct (or indirect) link with the purpose defined by the members of that project and/or community.


The personal data (such as address, telephone number or e-mail address) of another member of the project and/or community may be circulated and/or communicated only after having obtained the prior approval of the relevant User.


The User undertakes to comply with the use and security rules for the Prisme Extranet made available by IFPEN and to contribute to the security and proper functioning of this application, in particular by reporting to IFPEN any malfunction observed.


The User shall not wilfully disrupt the operation of the Prisme Extranet application by performing atypical actions on the application.




The User undertakes to keep his/her login and password strictly confidential.


In connection with exchanges related to his/her project and/or community, each User undertakes to treat as confidential all information that can be accessed on the Prisme Extranet, of any type, in any form and on any medium whatsoever, and to take all appropriate measures to maintain such confidentiality.


The User acknowledges that the information available on the Prisme Extranet within the workspace of his/her project and/or community is accessible only to the Users that are members of the project and/or community, who are bound by the provisions of this Charter, in particular the provisions with respect to confidentiality. Accordingly, the User undertakes to ensure that said access is restricted solely to Users who are members of his project and/or community.




In the event the User publishes and posts any data and information on the Prisme Extranet within the workspace of his/her project and/or community, such publication and posting shall be under the User’s sole responsibility.


The User undertakes to comply with the intellectual property rights of third parties and, in particular, in the event he/she cites or refers to documents of third parties, to clearly and legibly mention the name of the author and the source.


The User shall choose a secure password, change it periodically, never provide his/her password to any other person and ensure that he/she closes his/her session when he/she exits the Prisme Extranet application.




The User may, under his/her sole responsibility, post hypertext links within the workspace of his/her project and/or community and shall inter alia verify that said hypertext links are licit in nature.

Such websites may collect personal and non-personal data. Visiting such websites, as well as the collection and use of personal data on such websites, is governed by the terms and conditions of use and personal data protection policies of said websites.




Information collected (cookies) is (are) processed electronically and is (are) intended exclusively for statistical purposes. This information concerns only the User’s navigation on the Prisme Extranet and does not enable identification of the internet user.

The recipients of this data are the persons responsible for the Prisme Extranet application.




IFPEN does not guarantee the accuracy of the information posted on the Prisme Extranet, including in the form of hypertext links or computer files. IFPEN shall not be liable, in any manner whatsoever, as a result of the updating or use of such information.


IFPEN declines all liability for damage caused by a User’s breach of confidentiality.


Users shall be personally liable for non-compliance with the provisions of this Charter.


IFPEN shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage, of any type whatsoever, that may result from accessing the Prisme Extranet or the use thereof.





IFPEN reserves the right, for any reason and in its sole discretion, to terminate, modify, suspend or interrupt access to all or any part of the Prisme Extranet, including, in particular, the content, functionalities or hours of availability, without prior notice, which the User expressly acknowledges and accepts.




IFPEN will inform Users of any amendments to the rules, procedures or security measures that may modify use of the Prime Extranet

IFPEN reserves the right to modify or, more generally, to update the provisions of this Prisme Extranet Charter at any time without prior notice. Accordingly, IFPEN invites Users to review this Charter regularly.




Prisme Extranet and the information contained thereon are governed by French law, in particular the French Intellectual Property Code, and by international intellectual property law, regardless of the place from where the Prisme Extranet is used.




Prisme Extranet is compatible with most navigators. However, it may be necessary to download free plug-ins to access certain Prisme Extranet documents.



If you have any questions regarding this notice or your personal data, please contact webmaster_intranet or write to the following address:

1 & 4 Avenue de Bois-Préau, 92852 Rueil-Malmaison Cedex.